Albania-Slovenia, cooperation in the field of infrastructure - Ministria e Infrastrukturës dhe Energjisë
Postuar më: 06/11/2017

Albania-Slovenia, cooperation in the field of infrastructure

Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri hosted a delegation from Slovenia headed by the Minister for Economic Development and Technology, Zdravko Pocivalsek.

During the meeting of the two delegations the discussions focused on the current level of cooperation between the two countries and finding ways to increase economic flows.

“With Slovenia’s Minister of Economy we had a very fruitful meeting where we talked about some issues raised at the level of governmental dialogue for the Slovenian government. As is first the recognition of Albanian patents in Slovenia. Also, the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy to establish a ferry line between Koper and Durres. We also discussed concrete projects related to energy efficiency or waste management where the Slovenian party has offered readiness to give expertise and why not even possible financing for these projects, “said Gjiknuri.

Further, he added that with Slovenia there are many opportunities for cooperation to be explored in the framework of strategic investments, Slovenian businesses may also be important.
The Slovenian Minister expressed his willingness to cooperate with the Albanian party for recognizing Albanian patents as well as for waste management.

“We discussed many important issues for investment policies on both sides. There are also some problematic issues for both sides. First we have to know Albanian patents as you know the Slovenian patent and we have to resolve it as soon as possible. The second issue is waste management and we can see cooperation opportunities at this level. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to share with the Albanian side, “said Slovenian Minister.

Further, he expressed the desire to deepen the possibilities of cooperation through participation in investments in the field of hydropower.