Water Reform, Gjiknuri: One month deadline for self-discipline for household customers - Ministria e Infrastrukturës dhe Energjisë
Postuar më: 29/01/2018

Water Reform, Gjiknuri: One month deadline for self-discipline for household customers

Minister Damian Gjiknuri’s press release

I am today in this public communication to express first a special thanks to the Albanian citizens who have responded to every day more appeals for restoring the legality of drinking water consumption.

Of course, this behavior is not something unexpected. Just over three years ago, Albanians gave another testimony of their will to build the rule of law and respect for legitimacy by supporting the transformation of the electricity sector.

During the two and a half months of the awareness campaign it turns out that a significant number of subscribers appearing at the boundaries of informality were presented to water utilities to be legalized as consumers.

There are over 9,000 new contracts signed and around 4,000 others in the process. 26 thousand new installed water meters and thousands of other applications in the treatment process. Also, over 7500 repayment installments have been signed over this period.

The approach of February 1, when and the deadline for self-discipline without penalties has expired, has caused the water supply companies’ counters to face an increasing influx of citizens.

In this situation, the government finds the opportunity to require Municipalities and water utilities to extend the one-month term of self-discipline of family customers by giving them more time to take advantage of the possibility of voluntary resettlement under the legality conditions.

This extension of the deadline until February 28 applies in this case only to household customers. Meanwhile, water utilities need to start a door-to-door check on every business entity on February 1st. It is the responsibility of water companies to make the on-the-spot verification by punishing any subject that, in violation of the law, abuses drinking water.

This process will be closely monitored by the central government through the structures of the National Water Supply and Sewerage Agency.

It is the right moment to take the opportunity to call on Municipalities and Water Companies to approve and publicize relief schemes for repayment of accumulated debt installments. Also, they should extend the timetables and add service counters to help citizens by avoiding ranks and shortening the time spent.

I would like to inform the public that in the coming days will be signed the performance contracts between the National Water Supply and Sewerage Agency and the Municipalities that administer the water utilities.

These contracts will be a testamentary test for the support that these municipalities will receive from central government with funds and investments in the water supply and sewerage sector.

As we have underlined, those municipalities will be supported with investment funds in water supply that will show that they are able to perform positively.

To conclude, I re-appeal to each family customer: Use the deadline until February 28 to declare and legalize as regular customers of potable water without penalties.

Thank you!