Gjiknuri in Brussels, the table of ministers of the Western Balkans - Ministria e Infrastrukturës dhe Energjisë
Postuar më: 07/12/2017

Gjiknuri in Brussels, the table of ministers of the Western Balkans

The first meeting of Ministers of Transport and Infrastructure of Western Balkan countries was held in Brussels with the participation of representatives of the European Commission headed by the Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc.

In accordance with the Transport Treaty, this meeting was advanced with the decision-making on the establishment of the Transport Community, which will go in line with that of the already consolidated energy Community.

“It was a meeting that brought together regional ministers on the occasion of establishing a transport community, a similar organization with the Energy Community that is already in Vienna. This European Union organization is another important step towards the integration of Western Balkan countries into the European Union. This organization will be used as a bridge of cooperation as an important institution for project harmonization, promotion of the same values, harmonization of transport policies between states and the ultimate goal is obviously the integration of the entire region into the European Union as far as infrastructure is concerned of transport, “said Minister Gjiknuri.

In its assessment, through this organization, it would be possible to coordinate the best places for projects and to absorb European Union funds by filling the gap that the Western Balkans have with infrastructure.

“The priority projects the Western Balkans has, will take place. The European Commission, the Transport Commissioner and the Commissioner for Enlargement confirmed that priority projects will be at the center of funding. Whether it is about the part of the feasibility or later the stage of development. I would like to emphasize the main corridors such as the Ionian-Adriatic transport corridors; important railway projects such as those between Montenegro and Albania and the expansion of the railway to Macedonia and Greece. These corridors will be seen with priority as far as further EU funding is concerned and this mechanism will be better coordinated between financial institutions, but also to promote priority projects deserving funding from international institutions, “Gjiknuri underlined.

During his stay in Brussels, Minister Gjiknuri had a meeting with the Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc and the transport ministers of Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.