Deputy Minister Bonati: Over 20 thousand new water contracts in a few months - Ministria e Infrastrukturës dhe Energjisë
Postuar më: 22/03/2018

Deputy Minister Bonati: Over 20 thousand new water contracts in a few months

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy in cooperation with GIZ organized a conference in Durrës on the World Water Day titled “Response is in Nature”. The main goal was the conversation within the GIZ program “Water supply and sewerage services oriented towards customer performance”.

Taking into account recent developments, Vice Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Hantin Bonati found the opportunity to thank citizens for the positive response they have been given so far to the action to restore legitimacy to the supply of potable water.

“I want to thank all those customers who have responded to calls to formalize their connections as I congratulate the current work of water utilities / sewerage companies in most municipalities. We have a result that there are over 20,000 new formalized contracts, which in the general context is a very significant figure, “Bonati said.

Participants underlined the need to strengthen co-operation among water sector institutions with the goal of improving water supply and wastewater services, but also to raise awareness and stakeholder participation to face with the challenges of the sector.

“Without a division and co-ordination of work, the objectives will be difficult to achieve. This will be supported by investments in the sector, as well as the mechanism that has started and now on how the interconnection between central institutions, independent entities and municipalities should function. When I refer to municipalities I also consider water utilities / sewerage companies. Central government and local government prepare a full package and in support of European standards, have greater funding with investment and good governance. On the other hand, consumers make their payments as foreseen by law since in the end their contributions are translated into investments, “said Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Hantin Bonati.

Being one of the major revenue concerns during community meetings, in this governing mandate, water supply is one of the five core priorities.