Gjiknuri: We realized the project for the Vlora River Road, which develops the area - Ministria e Infrastrukturës dhe Energjisë
Postuar më: 10/11/2017

Gjiknuri: We realized the project for the Vlora River Road, which develops the area

Today, the Parliament is passing into law one of the most serious acts, one of the most important public works being built today in Albania, which applies not only to the Vlora region, but for all Albanians. As it is a road not only of a historical character, a road that thousands of citizens of Vlora, a province with many traditions, has been welcomed by many and many promises. This road has been a dream since in the dictatorship, where public works were generally carried out in dictatorship, but unfortunately this road never became a reality, but today citizens are watching with their eyes that this road is progressing. This is a road that is entirely financed by the Albanian government, through foreign loans, but it is a worthwhile risk, as it is one of the roads that will give development not just the Vlora river area, not only because it links three municipalities but is a road that brings many coastal areas closer to Tirana and other parts of Albania, developing the great tourist potential that has the entire area, combining seaside tourism with mountain tourism. I am a witness myself, and if you want to find the reasons why you have won profoundly in Vlora, this road has its contribution because the citizens of that region saw that there is a serious government that makes its promises a reality. Today we are talking, somewhere in Vlora is inaugurating another great work, the Vlora Lungomare, one of the most contemporary, European character works that changed the site to that city. This is another brick in the result of Vlora, why was the profound result of Vlora, because the citizens of Vlora knew how to weigh, who was the government who thought about them, and I’m sorry that there are none of them in Vlora here, they are not guilty, you hardly know very well what the wondrous citizens say when I speak for these things. So, it is futile to go out here and accuse the drug suffers. A wise man said a few days ago, ‘Look,’ said the minister, we are good men and they cannot vote us, therefore they will not vote if we had criminals behind. ‘You think the people of Vlora, are stupid, you think that province with so many traditions will vote for criminals, will vote for people, if we will keep back criminals, and give us vote? No, gentlemen, they are wise people, they are patriotic people, those people have given so much in history and know very well how their votes are taken. The votes in Vlora, everywhere in all of Albania, deal with the word given, and the Government kept the word for the Vlora road, many governments have promised but no one made it a reality. Only today they see that one of the most important investments that will go up to $ 100 million and will connect three important municipalities of Albania, Himara, Selenica and Vlora, and the road will connect with the new road Levan- Tepelenë.
What I will do with the new investments that are being carried out, such as the investment of Fier pass, will also make it a reality next year. In addition, with the improvements that will be made to all road infrastructure including new segments such as Kashar-Rogozhina, Vlora itself will become an hour from Tirana, all this area and Vlora River will not be more than one half an hour. What I have noticed these days is Vlora people their interest in obtaining certificates of ownership in the Vlora River, a Mortgage Officer told me, had never made a habit, no one was interested in that area to get a certificate of ownership because it was an abandoned area. Why did this happen? It is because they see the development. The road brings development, and many people interested in that beautiful province, with so many traditions, with such wonderful villages will begin to return to the village. For many citizens of that area residing in Vlora, the end of that road will make them return to the village by developing mountain tourism, developing ecological tourism, combining the coast with the mountain. There is no better thing for the tourist to rest in Himara, and with the new road for 10-15 minutes to go to Kuç, or to other historic villages of Vlora river, where there is a wonderful mountain area. This is the best gift that the Albanian Government makes to the people, therefore is no other reason why we vote. One could say that Rama was the deputy of Vlora, let’s accuse him of this pot at least to say that he did the good thing for Vlora, and therefore the Vlore citizens voted massively, with the deepest historical result, 60 % of citizens. But why do you get 60% of the citizens who are the property of the criminals. People who have so many connections in Albania, people who have contributed so much to Albania. How can you offend? I’m sorry you do not understand a thing as an opposition. You make the biggest political mistake. You accuse your potential electorate. How would you feel if an Albanian citizen would say that we are going to propose a criminal and for that you have to vote. Do you think this is how the electorate works? The electorate can value the people who keep the word and do the work. Sali Berisha, I have said, is the only person who will sell the projects as a success. Projects are ideas, Sir! Man ia valued with works. He did not end a road, no single road of the 10 thousand kilometers he says. Where did he find these 10 thousand kilometers? Even the Road of the Nation is not over yet. His government ended the Elbasan road, which is not done yet. Is it possible to start a road without money? There are no bubbles in public affairs. You should apologize for it, do not invent things. No road is done, Sir. The tunnel makes technology and money. No word tunnels are made. That gentleman has made only statements and projects are left by half. Ideas are appreciated, but there are many ideas. No Work is needed. No man is rewarded for ideas. Have you ever seen someone who is rewarded for good desires? No! Politics is to demonstrate, to make things a reality. This Vlora is an idea that many generations have, but Edi Rama was the one who made it a reality. This is the truth. Do not accept it if you do not accept it. If you want to vote, the next time do not vote with ideas. In the area of Saranda, being the political leader of that region and a deputy and a man who has intensive contact with the area, they returned Butrint to a personal property. With property restitution commission at the time of the Democratic Party, you are returned to the owner of Butrint. Now we are crying that an intervention is taking place so that we can see how controversial or worthwhile it is. This was done in your government and this is why the citizens of Saranda did not vote for you.
You are mentioning the Balilaj, but Balilaj was not on our side. Balilaj were opponents in the elections and therefore we were voted the Albanians did not vote for you who made an alliance with Balilaj. I’m sorry, but the right thing is to talk to people if you have the courage to hear a lot of people here. The problem is what the citizens hear. Citizens from your areas listen to you, they value you, do not foolish more today. People are accustomed to many politicians. Politicians go and come. People judge by the word spoken and by the word held. I regret that no Democrats is here in the hall, that would normally be raised and would say I agree that this is an important work, but there are also these other because criticism of the opposition is needed. At least go out and have the courage to say it because in this way the people will believe. Rather, they will continue to vote for us precisely for these good start-ups that will continue with more massive investment programs. I do not say that we will do miracles, but when we stick to the scales of the people compared to the words and ideas of the Democratic Party and Sali Berisha, I’m sorry we will be light away and you will still mention the criminals, the drugs but unfortunately (for you) the people will vote for us.
Thank you!